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TerraPRIME Polyurea Basecoat/Primer

TerraPRIME Polyurea Basecoat/Primer

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100% Solids Polyurea primer/basecoat is designed for broadcast systems. TerraPRIME offers excellent adhesion, extended pot life, rapid cure, and is offered in Gray and Tan and Taupe. Taupe Kits are 1 Gray A side and 1 Tan A side - designed to be mixed in order to create Taupe which can be preferred for certain flake colors such as Creekbed. 


Product Properties
100% Solids Polyurea Primer/Basecoat is designed for broadcast systems.
With excellent adhesion, extended pot life, and rapid cure, this basecoat offers:

  • Extended broadcast open times
  • Pre-tinted to ensure ease and consistency
  • Extreme adhesion for most substrates
  • Low temp cure
  • Easy mix 2:1 Ratio
  • Superior flexibility and elongation properties
  • Walkability 1-2 hours

Product Cure Times
Tack Free Time at 70°F - 60-120 Mins
Hard Dry 2-4 Hours
Foot Traffic 1-2 Hours
Recoat Window 24 Hours

Recommended Coverage
Based on 1600 sqft per gallon at 1mil thickness, will
vary based on substrate condition and application
process. Ground floors require less product than
shot-blasted floors.

3/8" Nap Roller - 300-325sf/gal
Flat blade squeegee w/ backroll -  300-325 sf/gal

Substrate Preparation
New concrete requires a 28-day cure with CSP 2-3
before coating. Existing concrete prepare by removing
all paint, adhesives, oil, dust, debris, etc. Surface should
be clean and pass MVT. Use Armour Patch or TerraMEND
before beginning application process.

Pre-tint option of tan or gray. 
Available in 15-gallon kits and 3-gallon kits.

Mixing Ratio
Standard mix ratio is 2A:1B. Always premix the A side using a low speed for 2 minutes. Never whip the product; introducing air into the product will reduce potllife. Nevermix more than 3 quarts at a time which will cover approximately 200-250 sqft. Mix even smaller batches for edges, verticals, or in high heat conditions. This product may be reduced with up to 10% total mixed volume with Acetone.

Store for up to 12 months tightly sealed, away from
direct sunlight at 40°F-95°

Clean tools with acetone immediately after use.

Technical Data Sheet 

Safety Data Sheet A Side

Safety Data Sheet B Side

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