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Single-component Urethane topcoat with results that resemble polyaspartic but is super-durable like urethane and has self-leveling properties combined with excellent adhesion. This unique product is designed for use as a topcoat over broadcast floors, shop floors, and anywhere you need a durable glossy topcoat.  TerraSHINE can also be used as a basecoat. Use clear or tinted and apply directly to adequately prepared concrete.

Available in 3 gallons buckets with a pour spout - single component. 

Surface Preparation for use as basecoat

New concrete requires a 28-day cure before coating. Existing concrete prepare by removing all paint, adhesives, oil, dust, debris etc. Surface should be clean and pass MVT. Use Armour Patch or CM1 before beginning application process.


Available in clear 3 gallon buckets. Single Component.

Recommended Coverage

150-200 square foot per gallon depending on substrate

Product Cure Times

Tack Free Time at 70°F | 3-4 hours
Foot Traffic | 8-12 Hours
Hard Dry | 48-72 hours
Recoat Window | 24 hours


Store up to 12 months tightly sealed, away from
direct sunlight at 40°F-95°


Clean tools with acetone immediately after use



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