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90% Solids VOC Compliant, Aliphatic Polyaspartic Polyurea designed for interior and exterior floor coating applications. ATC Is an Ultra Low odor product designed to be applied over full flake, partial flake, and solid color floors. The new evolution of Polyaspartic floor technology.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy 1A:1B Ratio
  • Three speeds. Winter, Summer, Tropical
  • UltraLow Odor 
  • Extended pot life for better workability
  • Fast recoat times 1-2 hours
  • Full cure in 24 hours
  • Cures from -10°F to 120°F 
  • 100% UV Stable
  • Adjustable cure rate for consistent pot life and cure times in all temps 

Cure Times:

  • Track Free @ 70° F - ? hours
  • Hard Dry ? Hours
  • Foot Traffic ? hours
  • Recoat window ? hours

Surface Preparation

New concrete requires 28-day cure w/ CSP 2-3. Existing concrete is prepared by removing all paint, adhesive, oil, dust, debris, etc., and can be ground using diamond grinding or shot blasting. Do not apply to wet substrates; check moisture levels before application. Use CM 1 Repair or Armor Patch Repair before beginning
application process. ATC should not be applied directly to concrete.

Recommended Coverage Rates:

Based on 1600 sqft per gallon at 1 mil thickness - will depend on the decorative materials underneath. 

  • Basecoat 225-275 sf/gal @6-8 mil DFT

  • Over solid color 250-300 sf/gal @ 5-6 mil DFT

  • Over Quartz 100-125 sf/gal @ 12-16 mil DFT

  • Over Chip 130-160 sf/gal @ 9-12 mil DFT

Mixing Ratio:

1A:1B |Thoroughly mix both A side and B side components separately using separate paddle mixers for at least 2 minutes. Next, combine equal parts in a calibrated mixing container and blend together with a paddle mixer for at least 2 minutes at low speed. Never mix more than 1-2 gallons or more than can be applied in a 20-25 minute window. This product may be reduced with Acetone up to 10% total mixed volume. High temps and humidity will reduce pot life and working time. DO not introduce air when mixing.

This product adheres well to: concrete, epoxy, polyurea, and dry decorative media when properly prepared.


  • Available in  15-gallon kit
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