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Coval Primer

Coval Primer

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Use Coval Primer as a base to bring out the natural beauty of the concrete floor, then add our top coat for superior protection from moisture, oils, acids, staining, and abrasion. Since our technology bonds to itself, any needed repairs or rehabilitation is simple... clean the floor and recoat, no sanding needed.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Coval Primer is a fast-drying, acetone-based acrylate sealer designed as the base coat for Coval Concrete. The porosity on the concrete surface can vary from one area to another. For this reason, we recommend using a Coval Primer to seal the concrete so that when the Coval Concrete is applied, it will have a uniform consistency. It will also reduce the amount of Coval Concrete used because you are not losing material that is seeping into the surface pores. You can add a stain to the primer if you are looking for a colored finish. Contact us for recommendations on the type of stain we recommend.

RECOMMENDED USES: • Primer for Coval Concrete • Can also be used to Prime rusted metal before applying Metal Coat

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