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Lavina L20GEB Propane Floor Grinder

Lavina L20GEB Propane Floor Grinder

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Lavina® 20 Elite Three Head 3x9"(225mm) Planetary Grinding and Polishing Propane Machine with Kawasaki FS481 603cc

  • NEW AND IMPROVED WATER SYSTEM with gravity-fed water supply from the water tank and hose connection (fitting is included). There is no water pump or misting system on the new machines. Advantages of the new water system include more water under the machine for optimal wet grinding and simpler maintenance.
  • NEW REAR WHEEL SET – this new feature makes grinder transportation and loading easier. It comes installed on all 20/25/30-inch Elite machines, and it is also available as an accessory for previous Elite models.
  • NEW OPTIONAL 3RD WHEEL (available for propane only 25/30-inch Elite machines) & OPTIONAL LEVER FOR LIFTING THE MACHINE-UP (available for all 25/30-inch Elite machines).
  • A completely redesigned frame delivers superior maneuverability and easy tool changes.
  • Dust-proof planetary drive protects internal components from dust and moisture, which reduces maintenance and increases service life.
  • The heads of all propane grinders have counter-clockwise/left rotation. Use the blue PCDs and Carbide Scrapers.
  • Easy-to-use integrated weights. With the weights down, you increase the grinding head pressure, and you can grind more aggressively.
  • Improved dust collection efficiency. Adjustable skirt with a flexible brush for better dust containment. Also, the vacuum hose connection is now closer to the dust source.
  • EPA & CARB Blue Sky Engines. IMPORTANT! When propane equipment is used indoors, the two most important things to consider in regard to carbon monoxide and emissions are: 1. proper air ventilation in the work area (with fresh air), and 2. proper machine maintenance such as changing air filters and oil regularly, etc. Using a CO monitor or badge is recommended. Read all warnings and information in your machine manual before operating any equipment.
  • New adjustable handlebar with multiple handle positions for more convenient operation and transportation. Make sure the handle position is locked when moving or using the machine.
  • Two LED lights for monitoring the floor. A detachable LED light (with a magnet) on the base in the front improves visibility, and a second LED light attached to the back of the machine near the floor helps monitor the scratch pattern.
  • Convenient integrated lift points for moving the machine with a forklift.
  • Charging phone station with dual USB 2.0 ports, 3.15 Amps for faster charging with a shutoff when the charge is complete.
  • Durable stainless steel cup holder.
  • No cables, no generators, no hassle. Ideal for projects where power is not available.
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