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PRO-311 Pulse-Bac 20 Gallon

PRO-311 Pulse-Bac 20 Gallon

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Pulse-Bac 20 Gallon Single HEPA PRO-311 Dust Collector 103311-T

Pulse-Bac PRO-311 Tank Package includes the Pulse-Bac PRO 311 Vacuum Head, 3 HEPA Filters, 20 Gallon, 16ga. Steel Tank, 5 Caster Dolly and 25' x 2" hose.

The PRO Series is the newest addition to the Pulse-Bac line-up. The successor to the legendary 1000 Series and like the 1000 Series, it offers a large array of power and collection options. It also has new features designed to improve usability and durability. Built to capture dust generated by surface preparation equipment, power tools and for jobsite cleanup, the PRO Series excels at work involving dust from concrete, drywall, wood, asbestos, and many other materials. With a lineage of legendary performance & innovative improvements, the PRO Series is sure to be the choice of professionals.

The successor to Pulse-Bac's flagship 1250 model the PRO-311 is versatile and powerful and is ideal for many different applications. With 311 CFM & 70? of Lift the 1250 offers the most airflow available in the PRO Series. The PRO-311 can cover all the ground of the PRO-176 & PRO-225 but can also provide unmatched dust collection for larger walk behind grinders, concrete saws, paver saws and mid-sized stationary tools like table saws.

Self-Cleaning Technology

Everyone has dealt with the trouble that a clogged vacuum filter creates, it takes up valuable time and creates a mess. Pulse-Bac solves this problem with our patented Automatic Pulse-Clean Technology that automatically cleans the filter while you work. Others may claim to have automatic or pulse filter cleaning, but look closely and you'll see that they fall short of the original, requiring extra equipment like air compressors or manual gadgets that require work to stop for filter cleaning. These don't truly solve the problem and make for more work. Only vacuums with the Pulse-Bac name use our unique technology to automatically clean the filter while you work.

Durable Steel Construction

Pulse-Bac units are made for the rugged conditions of a job-site. We don't cut cost with molded plastic tanks, cheap electrical components and off-shore manufacturing. With tanks made of 16ga. cold-rolled U.S. steel and a steel assembly covered with by a high impact ABS plastic hood, Pulse-Bac is made to keep working even in the most punishing conditions. Even details like wheels are heavy duty, non-marking polyurethane casters, instead of molded plastic wheels on thin spindles. Add the fact that every Pulse-Bac is assembled by hand in our facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma and you've got quality you can't beat.

Cyclonic Debris Management

The Cyclonic Debris Management system comes standard on all vacuum tanks, extenders, and preseparators. Our CDM system works with our pulsing technology and prevents upwards of 90% of dust and debris from ever reaching the filter. The CDM system stops dust and debris from constantly cycling up to the filters and holds it at the bottom of the tank until discarded.

  • Air Flow Capacity (CFM): 311 CFM
  • Water Lift (in.): 70"
  • Filtration: Single Stage HEPA Filter
  • Weight: 30lbs(Head)
  • Amps: 15.5A
  • Volts: 110"/
  • Volts: 220V
  • Hose Inlet: 2"
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