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Shoe-In™ Concrete Finishing Shoe

Shoe-In™ Concrete Finishing Shoe

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Developed to make the concrete finisher’s life easier. These were designed to eliminate heel, and tread patterns from destroying stamped concrete. They also work well for concrete finishing, the spreading of release powders, and sealers on decorative concrete installations. They additionally work well for general concrete finishing or power troweling. Pro Finish shoes do not have straps or buckles and are extremely durable for years of dependable service.

Shoe-In™ Pro Finish sizes are based on work boot sizes. If you are wearing an athletic shoe for your installations you may need to adjust your sizings accordingly as they tend to be smaller and less bulky.


  • Hands-free! No straps or buckles
  • Slips on in seconds
  • For Concrete installation
  • No tread or heel marks
  • Ideal for decorative concrete stamping and general surface trowling

    SMALL: Fits Boot Size 8 & Under, Sneaker Size 8 & Under
    MEDIUM: Fits Boot Size 8 to 9, Sneaker Size 8 to 9
    LARGE: Fits Boot Size 10-11, Sneaker Size 10-12
    X-LARGE: Fits Boot Size 12-16, Sneaker Size 13-16

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