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TerraMend - Crack and Spall Repair 2 Gallon Kit

TerraMend - Crack and Spall Repair 2 Gallon Kit

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100% Solids Polyurea Repair Material is designed for rebuilding broken control joints, filling cracks, and repairing spalled concrete quickly. Sold in a 2-gallon kit. 

  • Cures from -20°F to 130°F
  • Ready to grind in 30 minutes
  • Self-priming and self-leveling
  • Produces high-strength quickly
  • repairing spalled concrete
  • Mix with dry aggregate

New concrete requires a 28-day cure before use. Prepare by removing all paint, adhesives, oil, dust, and other debris to expose clean, rough concrete for best
results. For large spalls, cut a vertical edge at least 1/4" deep around the perimeter. 

Mixing Ratios

Measure equal parts A and B into mixing containers. Mix for at least 20 seconds. Cures faster with a larger volume. Never mix more than 2 quarts at a time. Pot life approx. 5 mins. 

Store for up to 12 months tightly sealed, away from direct sunlight at 55°F & 85°

Sold in a 2-gallon kit. 

Available in a 10-gallon kit please contact us for price and information.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet A Side

Safety Data Sheet B Side

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